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Rohit Sharma double century list in ODI, Test – 2024

Indian Opener Rohit Sharma, nicknamed “Hitman”, is known for his explosive batting and ability to tear apart bowling attacks. However, his skills go beyond just big hits. He also has the distinction of being the only batsman in the world to score three double centuries (score of more than 200 runs) in One Day International (ODI) and one double century (score of more than 200 runs) in Test cricket. Let’s take a look at the list of Rohit Sharma double century.

Rohit Sharma double century

Rohit Sharma double century list in ODI – 2024

In the world of cricket, few achievements carry the weight and spectacle of a double century. It’s a feat that demands not only skill and technique but also endurance, concentration, and an unyielding determination. Rohit Sharma, the elegant Indian batsman, etched his name into the annals of cricketing history with a breathtaking double century that left fans and pundits alike in awe.

Here is the Rohit Sharma double century list in ODI:

209November 2, 2013ODIAustraliaM.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru
264November 13, 2014 ODISrilankaEden Gardens, Kolkata
208*December 17, 2017ODISrilankaPunjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium, Mohali
212October 19, 2019TestSouth AfricaJSCA International Stadium Complex, Ranchi
Rohit Sharma double century list in ODI

Rohit Sharma double century list: ODI Domination

209 vs Australia, November 2013: Rohit Sharma double century in ODI

The M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore witnessed history on November 2nd, 2013, as Rohit Sharma unleashed a batting masterclass against Australia. The Indian opener, then just starting to establish himself as a force in international cricket, went berserk, smashing a record-breaking 209 runs off just 158 balls. His innings were a brutal display of power hitting, peppered with a staggering 16 sixes, which itself was a new world record in ODIs at the time.

This knock not only helped India post a mammoth 383 runs but also announced Rohit Sharma’s arrival on the big stage, marking his first-ever double century and etching his name forever in the cricketing history books. This innings against Australia remains the highest individual score by any batsman against them in ODIs, a testament to the sheer dominance Rohit Sharma displayed that day.

264 vs Sri Lanka, November 2014: Rohit Sharma double century in ODI

The Eden Gardens in Kolkata reverberated with the echoes of “Hitman, Hitman!” on November 13th, 2014, as Rohit Sharma carved his name into the annals of cricketing history. Facing Sri Lanka, he didn’t just score a double century, he obliterated the record books with a staggering 264 runs, the highest individual score ever witnessed in One Day Internationals.

His 173-ball innings was a symphony of destruction, adorned with 33 elegant boundaries and 9 towering sixes. Sri Lanka’s bowlers were left helpless as Sharma launched into a relentless assault, punishing every loose delivery with brutal efficiency. Thisara Perera dropped him early, a missed opportunity that Sri Lanka deeply regretted as Rohit went on to dismantle their attack. His knock propelled India to a mammoth 404, a total Sri Lanka could only muster 251 in response, handing India a dominant 153-run victory.

Rohit’s 264 transcended a mere cricket match; it was a spectacle, a defining moment in his career, and a testament to his immense talent and power. The innings remain etched in the minds of cricket fans as a display of pure batting brilliance, forever associated with the name Rohit Sharma, the undisputed “Hitman” of Indian cricket.

208 vs Sri Lanka, December 2017: Rohit Sharma double century in ODI

The Punjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium in Mohali witnessed another Rohit Sharma double century spectacle on December 13th, 2017, this time against Sri Lanka. Batting first after winning the toss, India found themselves at a decent 174/2 when Sharma walked in. However, what followed was a masterclass in controlled aggression. He built a solid partnership with Shreyas Iyer, then unleashed his signature power-hitting, reaching his century in just 83 balls.

Unlike his previous double centuries, this one was more calculated, punctuated by 12 fours and 12 sixes instead of raw explosiveness. He particularly targeted pace bowler Nuwan Pradeep, hitting him for four sixes in a single over. The last 100 runs came in a mere 36 balls, showcasing his ability to accelerate at will. His unbeaten 208 propelled India to a mammoth 392, a total that proved insurmountable for Sri Lanka, who folded for 251.

This inning was significant for multiple reasons. Firstly, it marked his third double century in ODIs, a feat unmatched by any other batsman at the time. Secondly, it came in a crucial series-leveling match, showcasing his ability to perform under pressure. Finally, it further cemented his reputation as a reliable opening batsman for India, capable of both building partnerships and scoring big when needed.

Rohit Sharma’s 208 against Sri Lanka in December 2017 wasn’t just a statistical marvel; it was a display of tactical nous, controlled aggression, and the ability to single-handedly win matches for his team. This innings stands as a testament to his versatility and adaptability, solidifying his place as one of the greatest ODI batsmen of all time.

Rohit Sharma double century list: Test Match Masterpiece

212 vs South Africa, October 2019: Rohit Sharma double century

The 3rd Test against South Africa in Ranchi, in October 2019, witnessed a defining moment in Rohit Sharma’s career – Rohit Sharma double century in Test. Batting under the watchful eyes of home support, the “Hitman” unleashed a masterclass in controlled aggression, scoring a majestic 212 runs.

Facing a potent South African bowling attack, Sharma started cautiously, navigating the initial swing and seam with patience. As the pitch settled, he gradually shifted gears, unleashing his elegant drives and powerful pulls. He stitched together a crucial 267-run partnership with Ajinkya Rahane, laying the foundation for a mammoth Indian total.

Sharma’s knock wasn’t just about brute force; it was a well-paced innings adorned with 22 elegant fours and 6 towering sixes. He targeted the short deliveries with disdain, dispatching them over the ropes with effortless ease. His ability to rotate the strike kept the scoreboard ticking, while his big hits demoralized the South African bowlers.

Reaching his century in 146 balls, Sharma continued his onslaught, converting it into a double hundred in just 93 more deliveries. The crowd erupted in celebration as he raised his bat, acknowledging the momentous occasion. His innings eventually ended on 212, leaving India in a commanding position with a first-innings score of 497/9.

This knock held immense significance. Firstly, it was a coming-of-age moment for Sharma in Test cricket, silencing doubts about his suitability for the longer format. Secondly, it was a record-breaking feat, becoming the 4th highest score by an Indian batsman against South Africa in Tests. Additionally, it served as a crucial foundation for India’s series win, marking their first-ever whitewash against South Africa in Tests.

Rohit Sharma’s 212 against South Africa wasn’t just a personal milestone; it was a testament to his grit, perseverance, and ability to adapt to different formats. This innings stands as a pivotal moment in his Test career, showcasing his potential as a dominant force in the longer format. It will undoubtedly inspire him to further etch his name in the history books of Indian cricket.

List of the double centuries in ODI

A double century in ODI cricket, where a batsman scores more than 200 runs in a single innings, is a rare and remarkable feat. It requires sustained focus, exceptional skill, and the ability to adapt to different bowling attacks and match situations. As of now, only 13 double centuries have been scored in men’s ODI history.

The Pioneers:

  • Sachin Tendulkar (India): The master blaster is credited with scoring the first-ever double century in ODIs. His historic 200* came against South Africa in 2010.
  • Virender Sehwag (India): Sehwag followed Tendulkar’s lead by smashing 219 against West Indies in 2011, becoming the second player to reach the 200-run mark in ODIs.

The Record Holder: Rohit Sharma double century

  • Rohit Sharma (India): With three double centuries to his name, Sharma holds the record for most double centuries in ODIs. His highest score of 264 against Sri Lanka in 2014 remains the highest individual score in ODI history.

Here is the List of the double centuries in ODI:

1.Rohit SharmaIndia2642014Srilanka
2.Martin GuptillNew Zealand237*2015West Indies
3.Amelia KerrNew Zealand232*2018Ireland
4.Belinda ClarkAustralia229*1997Denmark
5.Virender SehwagIndia2192011West Indies
6.Chris GayleWest Indies2152015Zimbabwe
7.Fakhar ZamanPakistan210*2018Zimbabwe
8.Ishan KishanIndia2102022Bangladesh
9.Rohit SharmaIndia2092013Australia
10.Rohit SharmaIndia208*2017Srilanka
11.Shubman GillIndia2082023New Zealand
12.Sachin TendulkarIndia200*2010South Africa
13.Glenn MaxwellAustralia201*2023Afghanistan
Conclusion: Rohit Sharma double century list

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Conclusion: Rohit Sharma double century list in ODI

With his unique blend of talent and temperament, Sharma continues to push the boundaries of batting. His double centuries stand as testaments to his skill and serve as inspiration for aspiring cricketers worldwide. As he continues his cricketing journey, one can only expect more fireworks from the Hitman in the years to come.

FAQ on Rohit Sharma Double Century list in ODI

Question 1. How many double centuries has Rohit Sharma scored?

Answer: Rohit Sharma has scored three double centuries in ODI cricket, the most by any batsman. He also has one double century in Test cricket.

Question 2. Which are his ODI double centuries?


  • 209 vs Australia (2013): His first double-century, a record-breaking innings at the time.
  • 264 vs Sri Lanka (2014): The highest individual score in ODI history to date.
  • 208 vs Sri Lanka (2017):* A dominant unbeaten knock in a crucial series-leveling match.

Question 3. Which is his Test double century?


  • 212 vs South Africa (2019): His maiden Test double century, a pivotal moment in his Test career.

Question 4. What are some unique facts about his double centuries?


  • He is the only player to score three double centuries in ODIs.
  • His 264 remains the highest individual score in ODI history.
  • He has scored two double centuries against Sri Lanka.
  • His maiden Test double century was also his highest Test score at the time.

Question 5. What impact have his double centuries had on his career and Indian cricket?


  • They cemented his reputation as a world-class batsman and earned him the nickname “Hitman.”
  • They played a crucial role in India’s victories in several matches and series.
  • They inspired young players and raised the bar for batting in ODIs and Tests.

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