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Most catches in ODI Cricket, in ODI World Cup till 2024

In the bustling world of ODI cricket, batsmen grab the headlines for their fast strokes and bowlers for their fast spells. But lurking in the shadows, another breed of heroes quietly orchestrates victory – the Wielders. Among them, a select few have their hands smeared with glue, forever etched in the record books for their gravity-defying acrobatics and lightning-fast reactions. Today we are celebrating these great catches, the players who have taken the most catches in ODI cricket.

Most catches in ODI Cricket

Most catches in ODI Cricket till 2024

Cricket, frequently referred to as the “gentleman’s game,” is a sport that harmoniously combines strength, strategy, and expertise. Among its vital components, fielding stands out, with catches holding the potential to alter the course of a match swiftly. This piece delves into the captivating realm of One Day International (ODI) cricket, shedding light on the players who have excelled in the art of securing the most catches in this format.

Here is the list of the most catches in ODI Cricket:

1.Mahela JayawardeneSri Lanka1998-2015448218
2.Ricky PontingAustralia1995-2012375160
3.Mohammad AzharuddinIndia1985-2000334156
4.Sachin TendulkarIndia1989-2012463140
5.Ross TaylorNew Zealand2006-2022234139
6.Virat KohliIndia2008-2022260151
7.Stephen FlemingNew Zealand1994-2007280133
8.Jacques KallisSouth Africa1996-2014328131
9.Younis KhanPakistan2000-2015265130
10.Muttiah MuralitharanSri Lanka1993-2011350130
most catches in ODI Cricket

Most catches in ODI Cricket: Mahela Jayawardene

Leading the hierarchy is Mahela Jayawardene, the maestro from Sri Lanka. Boasting an impressive tally of 218 catches, Jayawardene’s elegance and proficiency in the slips became the stuff of legend. His adeptness in gauging trajectories, snatching aerial deliveries with finesse, and executing breathtaking diving efforts established him as a formidable challenge for batsmen across the globe.

Ricky Ponting

In hot pursuit is the iconic Australian figure, Ricky Ponting, who secured 160 catches throughout his illustrious career. Ponting’s leadership extended seamlessly to his fielding, consistently immersing himself in the action, guiding his teammates, and frequently executing remarkable catches with his own hands.

Mohammad Azharuddin

Claiming the third position is the enduring Indian figure, Mohammad Azharuddin, credited with 156 catches. Azharuddin’s excellence in fielding transcended mere statistics. His ability to anticipate, swift reactions, and acrobatic dives along the boundary consistently provided entertainment and generated memorable highlights.

Virat Kohli

In the contemporary era, Virat Kohli ascends the ranks with a current tally of 151 catches. Kohli’s contagious athleticism and boundless energy translate into extraordinary catches from various fielding positions. His memorable diving dismissal of Hashim Amla at long-on during the 2015 World Cup is etched in the memories of cricket enthusiasts.

Most catches in ODI Cricket World Cup

The roar of the crowd, the rattle of willow on leather, the electrifying atmosphere – the ICC Cricket World Cup is where cricketing dreams are born and legends are made. But while powerful strokes and mesmerizing spells often steal the headlines, another breed of heroes quietly orchestrates victories: the fielders. Among them, a select few possess magic-endowed hands, forever etched in the record books for their gravity-defying acrobatics and lightning-fast reactions. Today, we are celebrating these masters of catches, the players who have taken the most catches in the glorious history of the ODI Cricket World Cup.

Ricky Ponting (28 catches): Most catches in ODI Cricket

Australian batting great Ricky Ponting wasn’t just a prolific run-scorer but also a cunning slip fielder in the World Cup arena. His deceptively calm demeanor would belie his razor-sharp reflexes, as he gobbled up edges and held onto seemingly impossible catches with nonchalant ease. Ponting’s 28 catches across five World Cups showcase his unwavering focus and predatory instincts, proving that fielding excellence can be just as crucial as batting prowess in shaping matches on the biggest stage.

Joe Root (25 catches): Most catches in ODI Cricket

English batting mainstay Joe Root has redefined the art of catching in the modern era. His athleticism and anticipation in the slip cordon are a sight to behold, as he plucks balls out of thin air with a grace that belies the difficulty of the task. Root’s 25 catches in just three World Cups stand as a testament to his dedication to fielding and his understanding of the game’s nuances. He is undoubtedly one of the best slip fielders of this generation, a true asset to any World Cup team.

Here is the list of the Most catches in ODI Cricket World Cup:

S.No.PlayerCountryMatchesInnings Catches 
1.R PontingAustralia464628
2.J RootEngland262625
3.V KohliIndia373720
4.D WarnerAustralia292917
5.S JayasuriyaSri Lanka383818
6.C GayleWest Indies353517
7.F DU PlesisSouth Africa232216
8.CL Cairns New Zealand282816
9.E MorganEngland292916
10.I UL-HaqPakistan353416
Most catches in ODI Cricket World Cup

Most catches in ODI Cricket by Wicket-Keeper

In the electrifying world of ODI cricket, the spotlight often shines on swashbuckling batsmen and fiery bowlers. But lurking just behind the stumps, silently orchestrating victories, stands the wicket-keepers – a unique breed of cricketers who combine lightning-fast reflexes with unflinching composure. Among them, a select few have ascended to legendary status, not just for their glovework but also for their mastery of the art of catching. Today, we celebrate these giants of wicket-keeping, the players who have snagged the most dismissals in ODI cricket with their nimble hands and eagle eyes.

The King of Wicket-Keeping Catches: Kumar Sangakkara

Sri Lankan batting maestro Kumar Sangakkara wasn’t just a prolific run-scorer; he was an absolute magician behind the stumps. His anticipation, agility, and soft hands made him a nightmare for batsmen, plucking edges and pouching vicious cuts with almost supernatural ease. Throughout his illustrious career, Sangakkara snagged a staggering 246 dismissals in ODIs, a record that stands as a testament to his all-round cricketing brilliance. He redefined the role of a wicket-keeper, proving that glovework could be just as thrilling and impactful as scoring runs.

The Stalwart Behind the Bails: Adam Gilchrist

Australian swashbuckler Adam Gilchrist wasn’t just a destructive batsman; he was a force to be reckoned with behind the stumps. His electrifying throws, acrobatic dives, and lightning-fast reactions left batsmen bewildered and spectators awestruck. Gilchrist’s 215 dismissals in ODIs showcase his unparalleled athleticism and tactical acumen, forever etching him in the pantheon of great wicket-keepers. He instilled a new sense of aggression and flair into the role, making it exciting and dynamic.

The Indian Wall at the Wicket: MS Dhoni

Indian cricketing legend MS Dhoni is more than just a cool-headed captain and a finisher extraordinaire; he is a master of the wicket-keeping trade. His anticipation is uncanny, his reflexes razor-sharp, and his composure unbreakable. Dhoni’s 200 dismissals in ODIs, achieved with characteristic calmness and precision, speak volumes about his dedication and skill. He is a true leader by example, inspiring a generation of young wicket-keepers with his unyielding focus and unwavering determination.

Here is the list of the Most catches in ODI Cricket by Wicket-Keeper:

AC GilchristAustralia1996-2008287281417551.679
MV BoucherSouth Africa1998-2011295290402221.462
KC SangakkaraSri Lanka2000-2015404353383991.365
MS DhoniIndia2004-20193503453211231.286
BB McCullumNew Zealand2002-2016260183227151.322
Mushfiqur RahimBangladesh2006-2023268252227561.123
JC ButtlerEngland2012-2023181176221371.465
Moin KhanPakistan1990-2004219209214731.373
Q de KockSouth Africa2013-2023155148209171.527
IA HealyAustralia1988-1997168168194391.386
Most catches in ODI Cricket

Conclusion: Most catches in ODI Cricket

The list of leading players in ODI catches attests to the versatile skills of these cricket icons. Apart from their skills in batting and bowling, these players have created a lasting legacy with their excellent fielding abilities. As the game continues to grow and evolve, new talents are emerging to challenge these records, the existing names in this list serve as a testament to their excellence in the cricket field.

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FAQ: Most Catches in ODI Cricket

Question 1. Who has the most catches in ODI cricket?

Answer: Mahela Jayawardene of Sri Lanka holds the record with 218 catches.

Question 2. Who are the top 5 players with the most catches in ODIs?


  1. Mahela Jayawardene (Sri Lanka) – 218
  2. Jonty Rhodes (South Africa) – 151
  3. Ricky Ponting (Australia) – 134
  4. Stephen Fleming (New Zealand) – 133
  5. Sanath Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka) – 124

Question 3. Are there any other categories for most catches in ODI cricket?

Answer: Yes! Here are some other interesting categories:

  • Most catches in ODI cricket by a wicket-keeper: Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka) with 246 dismissals.
  • Most catches in a single ODI match: Mark Boucher (South Africa) with 7 catches.
  • Most catches in an ODI World Cup: Ricky Ponting (Australia) with 28 catches.

Question 4. How many catches does Sachin Tendulkar have in ODIs?

Answer: Sachin Tendulkar has 140 catches in ODIs.

Question 5. How many catches does Virat Kohli have in ODIs?

Answer: Virat Kohli has 48 catches in ODIs.

Question 6. How many catches did Shane Warne have in ODIs?

Answer: Shane Warne had 64 catches in ODIs.

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