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Who is the Father of Biology and Branches of Biology and their Fathers

Biology is a crucial field of science. A question regarding biology has always remained a matter of debate after all who is the father of biology? There have been many great scientists in the world of science who have done excellent work in the field of biology. All of them have an integral contribution to the field of biology, their work laid the foundation of modern biology. In this post, we are going to talk about who is the one who gets the title of the father of biology.

Who is the Father of Biology

Who is the Father of Biology

The study of life, living things, and the evolution of life is known as biology. The two Greek words bios, which means life, and logy, which means study, are the source of the word’s name. Scientists Lamarck and Triviranus coined the term “biology” for the first time in 1801.

Here are the details of Who is the Father of Biology:

Spouse Name Pythias
Date of Birth384 BC Srafira Chaladice Geek
Date of Death322 BC, Euboea, Geek
EducationPlatonic Academy 
Significant WorkCorpus Aristotlicum
RegionWestern Philosophy
EraAncient Greek Philosophy 
School Peripatetic School
Aristotelianism School
Classical Republicanism
StudentsAlexander the Great, Aristoxenus,
InterestsBiology, Zoology, Physics, Ethics,
Psychology, Poetry,
Logic, Music, Metaphysics
Who is the Father of Biology

Aristotle, who was born in 384 BC, is frequently referred to be the “Father of Biology.” Aristotle travelled to Lesvos in the fourth century BC when it was teeming with animals. His interest in what he saw there inspired the founding of the discipline of biology. Aristotle is regarded as the “Father of Biology” because of his detailed study of the natural world and exploration of its origins using scientific ideas and meticulous observations as opposed to attributing them to supernatural intervention. Additionally, he was the first to discover animal connections and establish a classification scheme.

Numerous theories and notions that would later be created by other biologists were built upon Aristotle’s works on biology. He held that the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water when combined in various ways, form the building blocks of all living things. Additionally, he supported the idea of spontaneous genesis, which postulates that live things might develop from inert substances. Despite the fact that these theories have now been proven false, Aristotle’s writings on biology were powerful at the time and influenced the discipline for generations to come.

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Who is the Father of Biology: Aristotle

Aristotle was a great Greek philosopher and polymath. He was the discoverer of the Aristotelian tradition and the Lyceum method. Aristotle presented his complex Synthesis of many pre-existing philosophies. The result of this was that his theory had a profound impact on every aspect of Western knowledge.

However, his life has been full of ups and downs. Aristotle was born in Stagira, a city in northern Greece. His father’s name was Nicomachus, he died when Aristotle was young. Posen, a Guardian, followed Aristotle. At an early age, he was admitted to Plato’s Academy and remained there till the age of 37.

Aristotle leaves Athens after Plato’s death. After that, at the request of Philip II of Macedon, Aristotle took Alexander the Great as his disciple. He got a library built in the Lyceum. This library helped create many of his hundreds of papyrus scroll books by this library in the Lyceum. Only roughly a third of Aristotle’s original work has survived despite the fact that he authored many magnificent treatises and dialogues for publication. This is because none of it was intended for publication.

Who is the Father of Biology Branches

Biology is the study of living things with the goal of better understanding or foretelling the occurrences of nature or other events. It is divided into various branches, including zoology, botany, and other fields. The fathers of numerous biological fields are included in the table below.

Here is the list of Who is the Father of Biology Branches

Biology’s BranchesFather of Branches
Father of HomeopathyHahnemann
Father of EpidemiologyJohn Snow
Father of PathologyRudolph Virchow
Father of BacteriologyRobert Koch
Father of DNA Finger PrintingGarrod
Father of Blood GroupsKarl Landsteiner
Father of Blood CirculationWilliam Harvey
Father of TaxonomyCarolus Linnaeus
Father of Genetic EngineeringPaul Berg
Father of BryologyJohann Hedwig
Father of CloningIan Willmut
Father of AnatomyHerophilus
Father of Polygenic InheritanceKolreuter
Father of Plant PhysiologyStephan Hales
Father of PalynologyErdtman
Father of Modern GeneticsTH Morgan
Father of AgronomyPeter De-Crescenzi
Father of EndocrinologyThomas Addison
Father of BiologyAristotle
Father of BotanyTheophrastus
Father of ZoologyAristotle
Father of Modern BotanyLinnaeus
Father of ImmunologyEdward Jenner
Father of GeneticsGJ Mendel
Father of CytologyRobert Hooke
Father of MycologyMicheli
Father of Gene TherapyAnderson
Father of Surgery and Plastic SurgerySusruta
Father of EthologyKonard Lorentz
Father of ChemotherapyPaul Ehrlich
Father of MutationHugo De Vries
Father of AyurvedaCharka
Father of EmbryologyAristotle
Father of MedicineHippocrates
Father of PaleontologyLeonardo da Vinci
Father of GerontologyKorenchevsk
Father of AntibioticsAlexander Fleming
Father of VirologyWM Stanley
Father of EndocrinologyThomas Addison
Who is the Father of Biology

FAQ on Who is the Father of Biology:

Question1. Who is Zoology’s founding father?

Answer: Aristotle

Question 2. Who are the founding fathers of science?

Answer: Galileo Galilei

Question 3. Who is the Father of Biology?

Answer: Aristotle

Question 4. Who in India is considered the father of science?

Answer: Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose

Question 5. Who is considered the father of DNA?

Answer: James Watson

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