what is Company Secretary? Best Course, CS Course Salary, Syllabus

What is Company Secretary?

In this post, we are going to talk about the Company Secretary Course. Here you will get all details information regarding this course like What is Company secretary, What is Company Secretary, Salary, the Company secretary course syllabus, Job and all other facts in India.

Have you ever thought of becoming a company secretary? Wait, I am talking about the Company secretary, not the personal secretary. Actually, you know why I asked this question because people do not even know who is CS. Do you know? If yes so, it’s awesome or if not so you don’t need to worry about this because today we are going to talk about the Company secretary course.  First of all, I just want to clear you that Company Secretary is not an underrated course. Company Secretary is one of the best career options that you can pursue after 12th. It’s very much in demand. Sometimes people get confused about who is a Company Secretary, sometimes they thought that it’s computer Science or something else because they don’t have knowledge about it. so, you don’t need to worry about it. Again I am telling you it’s a most demanded course and it has a lot of potential to grow in future, especially In India. So, just tighten your seat belt and start flying because your destination is going to give you everything you want from your life.


Who is a Company Secretary?  

Now the question arises who is a Company Secretary, the company secretary is a senior position in a private sector organisation. The company secretary is the person who is responsible for the efficient administration of a company. The Company Secretary of a company ensures that the management of the company is doing their work within the legal boundaries or not. The company secretary is the legal representative of a company on a document. It’s the responsibility of the Company Secretary to advise the management to work according to the law and inform their duties. And to make communication with the shareholders to ensure that their shareholders are getting their dividends on time or not also keep records of shareholders.

What is the role of the Company secretary?

Below we have discussed what is the role of the Company Secretary:

Company Secretary is such a job profile in which you have to do a variety of different tasks to meet the needs of the company. A company secretary is the legal face of the company. The job of a company secretary is to monitor the legal matters of the company, provide assistance to the board of directors, explain the interests of the company to the opposing party, and ensure that the directors of the company stay within the ambit of the law, and also see whether the company is paying dividends to its shareholders or not.

Imperative Planning: Strategy making is a very important task for any organization, strategy is a framework to achieve its goal in a way. It is very important for a company to meet its goals, financial reporting, demands from shareholders, investments, etc. Therefore, strategic planning becomes very important. And to complete this task, the company secretary is appointed, here the job of the company secretary is to make such a strategy so that the company’s goal can be achieved and the company can be motivated.
Research work: Research is a very important task to improve any field and any skill, through research we find new ways and practice them. Research is a technique through which awareness can be spread and skills can be improved, through this it is ensured that the work being done can be done even better with the changing times. And the job of the company secretary is to research different types, find new ways, after analyzing the market because it gives motivation to the staff and also to do good work.
Communication with stakeholders: The Company Secretary is a unique interface between the Board and the Management and a very important link between the Board and the business. Through this, they communicate the board’s expectations and value to the management. Another important function of a Company Secretary is to communicate with external stakeholders such as investors. It is the job of the company secretary to work closely with the chairman and the board to maintain a good and effective relationship with the shareholders.
Reporting: To improve an organization, it is necessary that they analyze their past performance and interpret it so that the current performance can be improved even more and reporting helps in doing so. By reporting continuously throughout the financial year, one is aware of the market and also knows what is going on in a similar industry. Reporting helps companies, governments and corporations make the right decisions. So it is also the job of a company secretary from time to time, she/he keeps making reports about the market, business performance, new laws etc. and communicates it to the organization.
Trend Exploration: Trend exploration is very important for an organization, it helps the business to become even better and improve. Trend exploration yields very valuable information that helps an organization in decision-making. Trend exploration helps an organization to know what is increasing interest among the people in the market, and what people are liking so that the business can be improved accordingly. It is the job of the company secretary that he should be up to date with what is actually going on in the market so that he can help the organization in making strategy.

What is Company Secretary Course Eligibility? 

Below are the details of what is company secretary course eligibility: 
To take admission in any course, aspirants have to fulfil the eligibility criteria of that course, similarly to take admission in the company secretary course, aspirants have to fulfil the following eligibility criteria.
The course of Company Secretary is conducted by [ICSI] The Institute of Company Secretaries of India. The whole Course is divided into three parts and each part has to be clear one by one these are – Foundation, Executive and Professional.

The minimum eligibility required to get enrol for Company Secretary Foundation is 10+2 or equivalent from a recognized Board. And the students who are in 12th standard can also get enrol for it if they have only a few months left to clear their 10+2 exam. After completing the Company Secretary foundation candidates can enrol on Executive Program but their age should not be less than 17 years. And those who have completed their Graduation or Post Graduation can directly apply for Executive Program excluding Fine Arts Graduates. A registered candidate who has completed Both Foundation and Executive programs can apply for the Professional program.

After that, a candidate must have Excellent command of English, both written and oral. And the more important thing is that to be a Company Secretary candidates should have the ability to understand and analyze the situation and take their action according to the law. A Company Secretary must be loyal to the Company.

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What is Company Secretary Course duration and fee?

Here you will find the answer to what is company secretary’s course duration and fee. 
Foundation Program: It takes 8 months to complete and the fee for the foundation program is almost around Rs. 3,600.

Executive Program:- It takes 9 months to complete and the fee for the Executive program is up to Rs. 7,000.

Professional Program:- It takes 10 months to complete and the fee for this is Rs.12,000.

Company secretary syllabus

Here is the list of Company secretary syllabus:
Foundation Program

Business Communication and English
Basic Economics and Business Environment
Financial Accounting
Elements of Business Laws and Management
Information System and Quantitative Techniques
Executive Program

General and Commercial Laws
Company Accounts, Cost and Management Accounting
Tax Laws
Company Law
Economics and Labour Laws
Securities Laws and Compliance
Professional Program

Company Secretarial practice
Appearances, Drafting and Pleadings
Treasury, Financial and Forex Management
Insolvency and Corporate Restructuring
Alliances, Strategic Management and International Trade
Advanced Tax Laws and Practice
Due Diligence and Corporate Compliance Management
Business Ethics, Governance and Sustainability

What is Company Secretary’s Salary or CS Course Salary in India

Salary is one of the most motivating elements in any work, and it is also in the company secretary, how much you can earn after the company secretary course is as follows.
The CS course salary in India is very good enough. As a starting, they can get up to RS.3 lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs per annum. After getting experience their salary package also becomes huge.
So, this is all about the Company secretary again I saying that it’s a very great career option so If you are interested in Accounting or want to be the top administrative officer of any company you should for this.

What is Company Secretary Employment Area

Here is the answer to what is company secretary’s Employment area:
Whenever it comes to taking admission in any course, many questions come to mind, one of them is that after doing this course, what will be its scope, what will be its employment area, in which field we can get a job? So in which areas you can work after the company secretary course, it is as follows.

Financial Management
Private Companies
Company Secretary Ship Consultancy Firms
Department of Company Affairs
Corporate Restructuring
Stock Exchanges Corporate Advisory Services
Legal, Secretarial and Corporate Governance
Other Regulatory Bodies
Company Law Boards
Government Department
Financial Institutions

These are the employment area for the CS that you can choose according to your preferences. But it’s not enough there are too many other options also available for Company Secretary.
So this is the end of this post. Here we have discussed what is Company Secretary, its Eligibility, Duration, Company secretary syllabus, Employment area and Company secretary Salary in India or cs course salary as well.
If still have any doubts or need any clarification, feel free to write to us.

Best Wishes.

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