Severe cold wave to return in Delhi NCR, from jan 16-18

Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR) are going to see cold wave again next week, according to India Meteorological Department, next week the minimum temperature may reach close to 3 – 5 degree Celsius.

Severe Cold wave in Delhi and NCR

After a few days of slight reduction in the outbreak of cold, the weather is ready to change its form again, according to the new forecast of IMD, Delhi NCR and North India are going to have cold wave again. West and North India to face extreme cold wave in next 48 hours.

Cold wave warning

According to IMD, some/many parts of Rajasthan may face severe cold wave condition due to cold wave between 15th to 18th and Punjab and Haryana – Chandigarh on 16th and 17th and Delhi between 16th to 18th January as well 16th and 17th in Madhya Pradesh, 15th and 16th in West Uttar Pradesh and Interior Karnataka on 15th January 2023.

Fog and cold day warning

According to IMD, dense to very dense fog is likely to cover parts of Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh during night and morning hours for next 5 days. There is a possibility of dense fog in Bihar during the next 5 days in isolated pockets during the night and morning hours, the same in Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand during the next 4 days. And dense fog is expected in West Bengal, Odisha, North Madhya Pradesh, Assam & Meghalaya for the next two days.

Cold Day Condition

According to IMD, isolated pockets of Punjab and Haryana-Chandigarh are very likely to have cold day conditions for next 5 days, Uttarakhand and Rajasthan during 2 to 3 days and cold day conditions in Uttar Pradesh between 16 to 18 January 2023 expected to be

Resource: IMD

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