Biden refuses to give Ukraine F-16: Russia and Ukraine war

Russia and Ukraine war: US President Joe Biden told the press on Monday that the US would not send F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine.

russia and ukraine war

Biden refuses to give Ukraine F-16

On Monday, President Biden said that the United States would not give the F-16 to Ukraine. This is not good news for Ukraine as now Russia is advancing in the Donetsk region and is trying to take a very important part under its control. This area falling in the southwest of Donetsk is very strategically valuable. This is Vugledar, if Russia takes this area under its control then the Russian Forces North and South will join together and this will increase their strength. That’s why Ukraine is looking towards NATO countries and demanding bigger weapons.

Russia and Ukraine war

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is going to be almost a year, but there is no sign of ending this war. On one side there is Russia and on the other side, there is a NATO country supporting Ukraine. No one is taking the name of retreat, in such a situation, there is a possibility of prolonging this war.

And now NATO countries are openly sending big weapons to Ukraine, in such a situation the war has to increase. On the one hand, these countries are asking Ukraine for tanks and at the same time there is a discussion going on that now Ukraine should be given fighter jets like F-16.

F-16 is a very amazing fighter jet that has proven its combat capability. Poland and the Netherlands, which are NATO countries, have F-16S and they are also ready to give it, but in the Alliance, the whole game is that America is not looking in favour of giving Fighter jets to Ukraine.

Why America does not want to give F-16 or stop Russia and Ukraine war

America and its allied countries together are indirectly fighting this war against Russia and this war has kept the condition of these countries very thin. While pouring oil into this war, the own country of these countries is struggling.

The war which these countries have been fighting for so long, why are they not giving fighter jets to Ukraine, there are many reasons, one of which is not to let this war end. Because now this war is not just a war, but now it has become a matter of honour, respect and importance for both sides, because from now on whose side the war will go, the other side will emerge as strong.

This war is as important for Russia because it has put everything at stake for this, sanctions have been imposed around the world, and many soldiers have been lost in the war, now in such a situation if Russia loses, then for Russia it would be suicidal for

On the other side is Ukraine and its President Zelenskyy, for whom this war is as important as it is a matter of life and death. The President of Ukraine has started such a war at his home, which he has almost no chance of winning, only he can drag this war out.

The second reason is that this war should not increase further because no one had thought that this conflict would last so long, now if NATO countries start giving big weapons to Ukraine, will Ukraine win the war, the possibility of which is negligible. Ukraine will win the war or not, it is a matter of time, but one thing will definitely happen Russia will definitely go full.

Russia and Ukraine war: Will France give fighter jets to Ukraine?

On Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron said that he might send fighter jets, but France does not have any F-16S, otherwise, which fighter jet are they talking about sending, by the way, France has given Ukraine an air defence system and Small weapons have been given but no big deadly weapon has been given. Actually, all these countries themselves do not want to give jets, but they want the small countries Poland and Netherlands to give their F-16 jets to Ukraine. What happened, all these countries got so caught up in this war that neither they are able to join it openly nor they are able to leave it.

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