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List of Hotel Management Course subjects in 2023

In this article, we will be discussing hotel management course subjects to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of all the topics you will encounter throughout your bachelor’s degree programme, we will be talking about hotel management.

The study of hospitality and tourism management encompasses a wide range of topics, and hotel management courses are designed to equip students with the information and abilities they need to respond professionally to a variety of scenarios. The field of hotel management has grown as a result of increased interconnection and the expansion of the tourist and hospitality industries. A variety of abilities, such as management, hospitality, marketing, and guest relations, are included in hotel management and contribute to the efficient operation of the hotel business. The subtleties of the hotel industry, such as front desk management, sales, and marketing, are covered in a hotel management course.

Hotel Management Course subjects

Hotel Management Course subjects in 2023

The world of hotel management is like a finely tuned orchestra, where every note, every instrument, plays a pivotal role in creating a symphony of seamless and unforgettable experiences for guests. Hotel management subjects encompass a diverse range of skills and knowledge areas, much like the varied sections of an orchestra.

Here are the details of the Hotel Management Course subjects in 2023:

Introduction to Hospitality Industry

Every journey in hotel management starts with a solid understanding of the hospitality industry. This foundational subject delves into the historical evolution, scope, and significance of the field. Students learn about the various sectors within hospitality, including hotels, restaurants, resorts, and event management.

Front Office Management

Front office operations are the heart and soul of any hotel. In this subject, students learn how to provide exceptional guest service, manage reservations, and ensure seamless check-in and check-out processes. They become proficient in property management systems, guest relations, and complaint resolution.

Food and Beverage Management

From menu planning and food preparation to service techniques and beverage management, this subject covers the entire spectrum of food and beverage operations in a hotel. It emphasizes creating exceptional dining experiences, cost control, and adherence to health and safety regulations.

Housekeeping and Facility Management

The cleanliness and maintenance of hotel rooms are pivotal to guest satisfaction. Housekeeping management courses impart knowledge in maintaining high cleanliness standards, managing inventory, and training housekeeping staff. Sustainability and eco-friendly practices are also increasingly integral to this curriculum.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales are essential to attracting and retaining customers in the competitive hospitality industry. This subject encompasses market research, brand positioning, digital marketing, and sales strategies. Students explore customer loyalty and engagement as well.

Financial Management

Financial acumen is paramount to a hotel’s success. Students study budgeting, cost control, revenue management, and financial analysis. They delve into income statements, balance sheets, and profit and loss statements, equipping them to make sound financial decisions.

Human Resource Management

The hospitality industry thrives on a dedicated and skilled workforce. In this course, students learn about recruitment, training, employee motivation, labour laws, and employee relations. The unique challenges of managing a diverse workforce are also addressed.

Event Management

Hotels often host various events, from corporate meetings to weddings. Event management subjects provide students with the skills to plan, organize, and execute successful events. This includes logistical coordination, vendor management, and ensuring clients’ expectations are met.

Strategic Management

This advanced course teaches students how to develop and implement strategic plans for hotels. They analyze industry trends, competitive landscapes, and emerging technologies to make informed decisions that drive the business forward.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Practices

As environmental awareness grows, hotels must adopt sustainable practices. This subject explores sustainable management strategies, eco-friendly initiatives, and the importance of reducing the carbon footprint in the hospitality industry.

Hotel Management Course subjects after 12th in 2023

Hotel management is a multidisciplinary field that encompasses a wide range of subjects to prepare individuals for successful careers in the hospitality industry. The specific subjects required for hotel management programs may vary from one institution to another, but the following list provides a general overview of the core Hotel Management Course subjects commonly included in a hotel management curriculum:

BSc Hotel Management Subjects

Hotel EconomicsFood and Beverage Service
Housekeeping, Hygiene, and SanitationCatering and F&B Management
Marketing ManagementFood Production
Management TechniqueAdvance Accounts
Human Resource Planning and ManagementCatering Management
Personality and Communication DevelopmentFrench
Travel and Tourism ManagementHousekeeping and Laundry Operations
NutritionFront Office
HousekeepingBar Management
Food EngineeringComputer Application
Food Science

Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) Subjects

Here are the lists of the Hotel Management Course subjects in 2023.

Front Office ManagementAdvanced Food Operations Management
Foundation Course in Food and Beverage ServiceFood Production Operations
Strategic ManagementFoundation Course in Accommodation Operations
Application of ComputersHotel Accountancy
Accommodation OperationsAccommodation Management
Food and Beverage ManagementFoundation Course in Tourism
Food and Beverage ControlResearch Methodology
Guest LecturesResearch Project
CommunicationFront Office Operations
NutritionHotel Engineering
Principles of Food ScienceFoundation Course in Front Office
Foundation Course in Food ProductionFinancial Management
Food and Beverage OperationsFood Safety and Quality
Advanced Food and Beverage OperationsFacility Planning

BBA in Hotel Management Course Subjects

Here are the lists of the Hotel Management Course subjects in 2023.

Hospitality marketingBasics of food production
Introduction to the tourism industryBasics of F&B service
Food & beverage service (restaurant & bar operations)Fundamentals of management
Hospitality AccountingBasics of front office operations
Legal framework for the hospitality industryFood production techniques
Project and facilities planningBusiness communication
Managing housekeeping operationsService marketing
Event managementPersonality development and communication skills
Front office managementSpecialized catering operations (Institutional Catering)
Human resource managementRoom division management
Food production management & controlOrganization behavior
Housekeeping managementInformation technology in the hospitality industry
Basic computing skillsFood and beverage services (Banqueting Management)
Fundamentals of Hospitality ManagementFinancial management

Bachelor in Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT) Subjects

Here are the lists of the Hotel Management Course subjects in 2023.

Housekeeping OperationsCatering Science
Principles of ManagementFront Office Operations
Human Resource ManagementFood Production
Communication FundamentalsComputer Fundamentals
Human Resource ManagementHotel Accountancy
Principles of ManagementBasic Accounting
Housekeeping Operations

Hotel Management Course subjects
Hotel Management Course subjects

BBA in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Subjects

Business Organisation  Business Law
Business Mathematics Business Accounting Financial Management
Business Computing   Business Economics II 
Business Communication-IIEssentials of Strategy Management
Research Methodology and Report Writing   Entrepreneurship & Venture Management
Marketing Management   Human Resource Management
Business Communication -I   Consumer Behavior and Market Research
Fundamentals of Travel and Tourism  Marketing Communication

BA (Hons) in Hotel Management / BA in Hotel Management Subjects

Here are the lists of the Hotel Management Course subjects in 2023.

Tourism & Hospitality Management FoundationBusiness Finance
Food Production OperationsHuman Resource Management
Accommodation ManagementFood & Beverage Enterprise Management (Open)
Hotel Interface / Hotel ExposureStrategic Management
Corporate GovernanceManaging Innovation & Change (Open)
Digital & Marketing Communication (Open)Hotel Operations Management
Management of Hospitality OrganisationsFacilities Management (Open)
Personal Development Planning (PDP)Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibition Management (Open)
Property Management SystemsMarketing Management
Food and Beverage Operations

BA in Culinary Arts Subjects

Here are the lists of the Hotel Management Course subjects in 2023.

Culinary Management FoundationPersonal Development Planning (PDP)
Food Production OperationsManagement of Hospitality Organisations
Nutrition, Health & Safety ManagementHuman Resource Management
Property Management SystemsBusiness Finance Marketing Management
Food and Beverage OperationsHotel Interface / Hotel Exposure

Hotel Management Course Subjects After Graduation

After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management or a related field, individuals who wish to further their education in hotel management or related areas can consider pursuing postgraduate studies. Here are some common subjects and courses that you can expect to encounter in postgraduate programs related to hotel management after earning your undergraduate degree:

MBA in Hotel Management Subjects

Here are the lists of the Hotel Management Course subjects in 2023.

Bakery and Confectionary TheoryMarketing Management
Management Principles and PracticesPrinciples of Tourism and Hotel Management
Human Resource ManagementFinancial accounting for Tourism and Hotel Business
Tourism Hospitality and Marketing ManagementOrganisational Behaviours
Facilities Design & ManagementAccommodation Management
Research MethodologyCentral Reservation System Procedure
Practical in Management Information SystemsIndustrial Exposure Training
Food Production and Beverage ServiceFinancial Management
Food & Beverage ManagementLegal Framework for Tourism and Hotel
Tourism PlanningApplied Operations Research
Food Science, Nutrition & Dietetics ManagementStrategic Management
Entrepreneurship DevelopmentFood Safety and Nutrition

Master in Tourism and Hotel Management Course Subjects

Here are the lists of the Hotel Management Course subjects in 2023.

Service Management for the tourism and Hospitality IndustryFinancial Management in Tourism and Hospitality
Tourism ManagementGaming and Casino Management
Sales ManagementStrategic Brand Management
Marketing in Tourism and Hospitality IndustryRevenue Management and Hotel Analytics
Quantitative Methods for BusinessStrategic and Sustainable Management in Tourism and Hospitality
Hospitality Operations and Management

Master of Hotel Management Course Subjects

Nutrition and Dietetics ManagementWorkshop on Executive Communication
French for Hotel ManagementFinancial Management Facilities
Food ScienceManagement Institute System MIS
Strategic ManagementOrganisational Behaviour
Food and Beverage ManagementPrinciples and Practices of Management
Accommodation ManagementCommunication and Soft Skills
Applied Operations ResearchFundamentals of Tourism and Tourism Products
Marketing ManagementMarketing and Sales
Food and Beverage ManagementAccommodation Management
Design and ManagementHuman Resource Management
Hospitality ManagementPractical in MIS
Project and Viva VoceFinal Research

MSc in Tourism and Hospitality Management Subjects

Here are the details of Hotel Management Course subjects in 2023.

Quality service and operations managementTourism and Hospitality Marketing
Tourism ManagementProperty Management
International Hospitality BusinessInfrastructure Management
Human Resource Management and Industrial RelationsSustainable Tourism Development
Financial and Management AccountingEvent Planning and Management
Research and Quantitative methodsStrategic Planning and Management in Tourism and Hospitality Business
Tourism Entrepreneurship and Innovation ManagementSociology of Tourism
Food and Beverage Management

Hotel Management Course Subjects for PhD Courses

Here are the lists of the Hotel Management Course subjects in 2023.

International HospitalityMarketing and Research Methods
Economic Trends in HospitalityLeadership Principles in Hospitality Management
Marketing and Research MethodsHospitality Research Methods
Hospitality Marketing and PromotionFinal Research Project

MBA Hospitality Management Subjects

Here is the list of the Hotel Management Course subjects in 2023.

Organisational Theory & ManagementCustomer Relationship Management
Food & Beverage Management & ControlMarketing Research & Report Preparation
Financial ManagementAccounting for Management
Marketing ManagementFood Science & Dietetic Management
Principles of Operation ManagementEconomic AnalysisBusiness Environment & Law
Hospitality & Tourism ManagementQuantitative Applications in Management

FAQ on Hotel Management Course subjects in 2023

Question 1. What is hotel management, and what are the key subjects in a hotel management course?

Answer: Hotel management is the study of managing and operating hotels and other related hospitality establishments. Key subjects in a hotel management course typically include front office operations, food and beverage management, housekeeping management, marketing and sales, financial management, human resource management, event management, and more.

Question 2. What can I expect to learn in the front office operations course?

Answer: In the front office operations course, you will learn how to manage guest services, reservations, check-in and check-out procedures, and property management systems. It’s about creating a positive first impression for hotel guests.

Question 3. What are the main topics covered in food and beverage management?

Answer: Food and beverage management covers menu planning, food preparation, restaurant operations, and beverage management. It includes understanding culinary arts, service techniques, and cost control in the context of a hotel or restaurant.

Question 4. How does housekeeping management contribute to hotel management?

Answer: Housekeeping management is crucial for maintaining cleanliness, hygiene, and guest comfort in hotel rooms. This subject covers room cleaning procedures, inventory management, and sustainable housekeeping practices.

Question 5. What does the marketing and sales subject entail in hotel management?

Answer: In marketing and sales, you’ll learn about strategies for attracting and retaining customers. This includes market research, branding, digital marketing, and sales techniques tailored to the hospitality industry.

Question 6. What financial aspects are covered in hotel management courses?

Answer: Financial management in hotel management courses addresses budgeting, cost control, revenue management, and financial analysis. Students gain insights into income statements, balance sheets, and profit and loss statements.

Question 7. What is the significance of human resource management in the hotel industry?

Answer: Human resource management is crucial for hiring, training, motivating, and managing a diverse workforce in the hospitality industry. It also involves understanding labour laws and employee relations.

Question 8. How is event management relevant to hotel management?

Answer: Event management courses prepare students to plan, organize, and execute various events held in hotels, such as conferences, weddings, and banquets. This subject covers logistical coordination, vendor management, and ensuring client satisfaction.

Question 9. What is taught in the strategic management course?

Answer: Strategic management equips students with the skills to formulate and implement strategic plans for long-term success in hotel management. This includes analyzing industry trends, competitive landscapes, and emerging technologies.

Question 10. Are there any optional or specialized subjects in hotel management?

Answer: Some programs offer optional or specialized subjects such as wine and beverage studies, legal aspects of hospitality, sustainability practices, and entrepreneurship in hospitality for students to choose from based on their interests.

Question 11. What types of careers can I pursue after completing a hotel management course?

Answer: Hotel management graduates can pursue careers as hotel managers, restaurant managers, and event planners, and even start their own hospitality businesses. The hospitality industry offers a wide range of job opportunities in various sectors.

Question 12. How do I choose the right hotel management program for me?

Answer: When choosing a hotel management program, consider factors such as the program’s reputation, accreditation, faculty expertise, internships or work placement opportunities, and the specific subjects and specializations offered to ensure they align with your career goals.

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