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BA in Psychology, Colleges in India, Career options and more

A 3-year full-time undergraduate degree program BA in psychology involves the research of the mind and conduct. The study of health, human development, personality, social behaviour, and other topics are included in BA Psychology courses. Six semesters comprise the course, with the last semester comprising projects and internships and the previous four semesters concentrating on theory and practical practice.

BA in Psychology

There are many admissions processes for BA psychology at various universities. Some admission policies are merit-driven, while others are based on entrance exams. Students must receive at least 50% overall or equivalent marks in Class 10+2 from a recognised board to qualify for the BA in Psychology.

Numerous facets of human behaviour, cognition, emotion, and social relationships are covered by psychology as a scientific field of study. It explores elements that influence behaviour and psychological well-being in an effort to comprehend the complex operations of the mind. The fundamentals of the field, including essential ideas, research techniques, and distinct theoretical stances, are thoroughly covered in a BA in psychology.

BA in Psychology

Course NameBachelor of Arts in Psychology
Course Duration3 years
Course TypeUndergraduate
Eligibility Criteria10 + 2 passed
Admission ProcessMerit-Based or Entrance Based
Entrance ExamCUET, DUET, BHU UET
Course Fees₹ 40,000 – ₹ 5,00,000
Average Salary₹ 4,00,000 – ₹ 6,00,000 LPA
Top RecruitersThe Mind Clinic, Veda Rehab and Wellness Private Limited, Mind Care Centre for Counselling, Central Institute of Psychiatry

Why you should study BA Psychology

  • The discipline of psychology offers plenty of profitable employment opportunities.
  • The candidates will learn everything there is to know about human nature.
  • The academic and teaching fields of psychology in universities and colleges offer opportunities for aspirants.
  • Candidates might select this as their job if they are interested in solving theoretical and practical difficulties.
  • According to studies, psychologists are very satisfied with their careers. So choosing Psychology will be a wise decision.
  • Candidates who are enthusiastic about giving back to the community and helping others might also pursue a BA in psychology.
  • Candidates for a BA in psychology have a variety of research options available to them, allowing them to organise and analyse data.

Who should pursue a BA in Psychology?

Those who have a sincere interest in comprehending human behaviour, cognitive processes, and social relationships may want to consider earning a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in psychology.

Curious Minds: Those who have a strong desire to understand the workings of the mind and are naturally curious about the complexities of human behaviour might find considerable fulfilment in studying psychology. They are motivated by a sincere desire to learn about why individuals behave in the ways that they do as well as by a genuine curiosity.

People with a strong sense of empathy and a sincere desire to help others: If you fit this description, a B.A. in psychology can give you a great basis for a career helping people improve their mental health. The emotional and psychological well-being of others is something that empathic people actually care about as compassionate listeners.

Critical Thinkers: A high level of analytical and critical thinking abilities are needed in psychology. A B.A. in psychology can give you the opportunity to develop and use these talents if you appreciate analysing data from various perspectives, assessing the evidence, and coming to logical conclusions. Critical thinkers are excellent at evaluating research papers, considering other viewpoints, and deciphering complicated data.

Effective communicators: Understanding and interacting with people from various backgrounds is a key component of psychology. A B.A. in psychology can improve your capacity to connect with people, establish rapport, and effectively communicate knowledge if you possess good communication and interpersonal skills. Careers in counselling, human resources, and other industries requiring close interaction with people can benefit from this skill set.

Those Interested in Applied Psychology: In addition to clinical settings, psychology has many other uses. A BA in psychology can provide you with a flexible skill set if you are interested in careers in human resources, market research, education, or organisational development. Understanding consumer behaviour, staff motivation, and organisational dynamics can all benefit from the knowledge and abilities gained throughout undergraduate study.

In the end, earning a B.A. in psychology can be helpful for anyone who has a sincere interest in comprehending human behaviour, thought, and social interactions. A strong interest in the topic and a desire to improve people’s lives and society at large are prerequisites.

BA in Psychology Eligibility

A few qualifying criteria for the college must be met by applicants to the BA Psychology programme. The following list of prerequisites is provided:

  • Candidates must successfully complete all of their 10+2 subjects.
  • The 10+2 requirement for candidates must have been satisfied by any recognised board or an equivalent.
  • Depending on the requirements of the college, candidates must have received at least 50% of the possible points in the 10+2 exam.
  • The minimum age requirement to apply for the BA Psychology programme is 18.

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BA Psychology Admission Process

Students can get admitted to the three-year BA Psychology degree after the release of the class 10+2 results. The colleges and universities choose the requirements for admission to the BA programme in psychology. Some schools admit students based on merit, while others could realise students based on performance on entrance examinations.

The majority of schools and universities start accepting applications for their BA psychology programmes in May and June. After the application deadline, the universities and colleges release their cut-off lists and merit lists, and the ensuing admissions processes start.

There are two methods to get accepted into a BA psychology programme: through entrance tests or on the basis of merit. Candidates may be accepted based on their 10+2 marks or if they successfully pass the college entrance exams.


The B.A. in psychology admission process is mostly merit-based. You need to have passed the Intermediate level exam or a test that is equivalent to get admitted. Only a few universities, nevertheless, require applicants to take entrance examinations.

Entrance Exam Based

Several universities, including JMI, DU, and Banaras Hindu University, use entrance tests to determine who gets admitted. A candidate must pass the test in order to be accepted to these colleges and universities. DUET, JMI, BHU-UET, and other tests are a few of the accepted entry exams for the B.A. Psychology programme.

BA in Psychology Fee

Public Universities:

The fees for a BA in Psychology at public universities are generally less than at private universities. An Indian public university’s three-year B.A. in psychology programme typically costs between ₹ 10,000 and ₹ 50,000 annually. These fees may change depending on the state, the university, and other variables.

Private Universities

In general, private institutions charge more than public universities. Depending on the institution’s reputation, location, and amenities offered, the prices may differ greatly. The average annual cost of a B.A. in Psychology at a private university in India is between ₹ 50,000 and ₹ 2,50,000. Some prestigious private institutions might charge more.

BA in Psychology Syllabus

Over the course of six semesters, the BA Psychology courses cover a wide range of subjects, including Introduction to Psychology, Stress & Well-Being, Emotions, Intelligence and Creativity, Memory, and Cognition. They also cover psychological research, applied social psychology, understanding and treating psychological disorders, organisational behaviour, etc.

Here is the list of the BA in Psychology syllabus:

Semester ISemester II
Sensory Process and PerceptionIntroduction to Developmental Psychology
Physiological Effects of CorrelationIntelligence
Introduction to PsychologyHeredity and Environment
Determinants of AttentionRelation of Psychology with Education
Endocrine GlandsMemory and Forgetting
Gestalt Theory of PerceptionChild Development

Semester IIISemester IV
Social PsychologyElective
Public Opinion and PropagandaAssessment of Intelligence
Introduction to Industrial PsychologyWork and Environment
Measures of Central TendencyDeterminants of Abnormal behaviour
Social InteractionAttention Span
PracticalFrequency Distribution

Semester VSemester VI
Self in PsychoanalysisPsychological Tests
Guidance and CounsellingNon-Test Appraisal Techniques
Methods of CounsellingElective
Special Areas of CounsellingDiversity and Multiculturalism
Aptitude and Personality TestsDevelopmental Psychology
BA in Psychology Subjects

BA in Psychology Colleges in India

Here is the list of BA in Psychology colleges in India:

Lady Shri Ram College for Women – [LSR], New Delhi
St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai
Christ University, Bangalore
K J Somaiya College of Arts & Commerce – [KJSAC], Mumbai
Jai Hind College – [JHC], Mumbai
St Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad
Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College, Mumbai
Gargi College, New Delhi
Jesus and Mary College – [JMC], New Delhi
Fergusson College, Pune
BA in Psychology colleges in India

BA Psychology Colleges in Kerala

Here is the list of BA psychology colleges in Kerala:

University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram
St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam
Government Victoria College, Palakkad
MES College, Malappuram
Christ College, Thrissur
Farook College, Kozhikode
Sacred Heart College, Thevara, Kochi
Nirmalagiri College, Kuthuparamba, Kannur
Providence Women’s College, Kozhikode
Sree Kerala Varma College, Thrissur
BA psychology colleges in Kerala

BA Psychology Colleges in Mumbai

Here is the list of BA psychology colleges in Mumbai:

St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai
Sophia College for Women, Mumbai
Jai Hind College, Mumbai
Mithibai College, Mumbai
Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai
K.J. Somaiya College of Arts and Commerce, Mumbai
Wilson College, Mumbai
R.A. Podar College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai
SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai
HR College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai
BA psychology colleges in Mumbai

BA Psychology colleges in Bangalore

Here is the list of BA psychology colleges in Bangalore:

Christ University
Mount Carmel College
St. Joseph’s College
Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous
Jain University
Kristu Jayanti College
St. Aloysius College
Garden City University
Bangalore City College
Presidency College

BA Psychology colleges in Delhi

Here is the list of BA Psychology colleges in Delhi:

Lady Shri Ram College for Women
St. Stephen’s College
Miranda House
Jesus and Mary College
Gargi College
Kamala Nehru College
Indraprastha College for Women
Delhi College of Arts and Commerce
Mata Sundri College for Women
Shivaji College

BA in Psychology Distance Education

Many Indian colleges and institutions offer a distance learning programme in BA psychology. These courses give students the freedom to study at their own speed and from wherever they choose while still receiving a thorough psychology education.

The typical requirements for admission to a BA Psychology distance education programme in India are that the applicant be 17 years old and have passed the 10+2 or an equivalent exam from a recognised board with at least 50% of the possible marks.

BA in Psychology IGNOU

Through its remote learning programme, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) provides a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree. The IGNOU official website has an online application form that interested candidates may fill out. The application form must be submitted along with the necessary paperwork. The candidate will be assigned a study centre, and get their study materials, and any other pertinent information after paying the admission fee.

The following are the requirements for admission to the IGNOU bachelor’s programme in psychology:

  • The minimum age for applicants is 17.
  • The basic requirement is that applicants have earned at least 50% in their 10+2 or equitable exam from a recognised board.
  • Verification of Documents: Candidates are needed to present all necessary documentation, including transcripts of grades and other identification documents, for review.

BA in Psychology Scope

A wide range of topics pertaining to a person’s behavioural and physiological development are covered in BA Psychology. A BA in psychology improves the functionality of basic comprehension of human behaviour as well as the ability to address a variety of personal and social problems. Postgraduate degrees in the same discipline, like an M.A. in Psychology or Clinical Psychology, are available for students to pursue. You will be able to do this to pursue opportunities with better income and expand your horizons even further. Psychiatry and clinical psychology are two other essential courses in this field.

Career options after BA in Psychology

There are several Indian companies that hire students with psychology bachelor’s degrees. Education and talent are what decide a BA Psychology graduate’s career and employment options. Those who have earned a BA in psychology may find employment in the following fields.

Clinical psychologists: Clinical psychologists use psychological knowledge and research to inform, clarify, and explain the psychological underpinnings of a particular type of behaviour or behavioural change. Any number of emotional, cognitive, and behavioural issues can be identified and treated by a clinical psychologist, or a mental health specialist. To comprehend human behaviour better, they investigate a range of cognitive disorders.

Neuropsychologists: A psychologist who focuses on the relationship between the physical brain and behaviour is a neuropsychologist. Neuropsychologists conduct evaluations and provide care to patients with various nervous system disorders. They work closely with medical experts, especially neurologists, to achieve their goals. Analysing a patient’s difficulties to determine their type and extent can be helped by a neuropsychologist.

Medical Psychologist: Specialising in psychology, medical psychologists pay close attention to how a patient’s behaviour and physical health are related. Patients receive guidance from medical psychologists on leading healthy lifestyles.

BA in Psychology Salary

Job ProfileAverage Salary
Clinical Psychologist₹ 2 – ₹ 5 LPA
Social Worker₹ 2 – ₹ 3 LPA
Journalist/Editor₹ 2 – ₹ 5 LPA
Market Researcher₹ 3 – ₹ 6 LPA
Sales Representative ₹ 2 – ₹ 5 LPA
Psychiatric Technician₹ 3 – ₹ 6 LPA
Teacher₹ 3 – ₹ 5 LPA
Human Resource Manager₹ 3 – ₹ 8 LPA
Counsellor ₹ 2 – ₹ 5 LPA

FAQ on BA in Psychology

Question 1. What can I do with a BA in psychology?

Answer. Students who desire to continue their studies after receiving their B.A. in psychology have a range of options. They may hold a number of jobs, including clinical psychologists, social psychologists, educational psychologists, research psychologists, counsellor psychologists, and others.

Question 2. Is a psychology degree useful?

Answer. Students are likely to get a deep understanding of various behavioural patterns, personality traits, and human psychology after earning a BA (Hons) in Psychology and Counselling. Those who earn a degree in psychology have a lot of options.

Question 3. B Sc or BA psychology, which is preferable?

Answer. A BA in Psychology is excellent for students with a liberal arts background who want to work in fields like counselling, education, social work, journalism, or law, whereas a B.Sc. in Psychology is better for those with a science background who want to go into medicine or pursue a career in neurosciences.

Question 4. Who ought to take psychology courses?

Answer. If you wish to pursue a master’s degree in a different field, such as human resource management, education, social work, advertising, communication, forensics, sales, politics, and more, a psychology degree can also be helpful.

Question 5. Does the BA in psychology include maths?

Answer. For research purposes, a psychology degree may require some arithmetic proficiency. The degree includes math-intensive courses like research methodology and statistics.

Question 6. What career paths are open to psychology graduates?

Answer. Depending on your specialisations and interests, psychology degree holders have a wide range of opportunities, including psychologists.

  • Psychotherapist
  • The social worker
  • Counsellor
  • Psychologist in education
  • Manager of human resources
  • Teacher
  • Roles in research

Question 7. Is BA psychology difficult?

Answer. One of the more challenging degrees in psychology and many of your assignments will ask you to reference your sources and provide evidence to support your ideas.

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