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BA English Honours, Syllabus, Subjects, Jobs Best Career in 2023

In this article, we are going to talk about BA English Honours. Here you will get all the necessary information about the Bachelor of Arts in English available in India, including the Career prospectus, eligibility requirements, Entrance test, Admission procedure, Subjects and PG courses. 

BA English Honours

BA English Honours: Course Overview

Course typeBachelor Degree
BA English full formBachelor of Arts in English with honours
Course duration3 years
Course Eligibilitymust have 10+2 passed
Course AdmissionMerit and Entrance Based
Course fees₹ 10,000 – 1,50,000
Average Salary₹ 6 lakh p.a.
Top recruitersWipro, Deloitte, Amity University, IGNOU,
Digital Expertise Pvt. Ltd. In marketing
BA English Honours jobsTeacher, Content Developer, Public Relations Officer,
Communicator, Blogger,

A Brief on BA English Honours

BA English or Bachelor of Arts in English is a 3 years undergraduate degree Course. BA English is one of the most appropriate courses for those interested in the English language and literature and who want to make it famous. To make careers in teaching, writing, publishing, media, and advertising then BA English is the best way to get this opportunity. Bachelor of Arts in English is a course for those who wish to do some specialized course in English. After completing this course you will have several opportunities you can pursue further study like MA in English, B.Ed. M.Phill. (English). Apart from this you can also take jobs and start earning.

Why Study a BA in English with Honors

One could decide to pursue a BA English honours for a variety of reasons. See the following points.

  • Earning a solid salary after completing a BA English Honors is among the finest reasons to enrol in this programme. The average beginning salary for candidates might range from INR 2 to 10 lakhs per year, and they can work in prestigious firms and in well-known positions. As you gain experience in your field, this will steadily rise.
  • Enhance your Grammatical Skills – Improving your grammatical skills is one of the major benefits of pursuing BA English Honours. Numerous students study it in addition to learning it to improve their proficiency in the English language and to understand more about English literature.
  • Many Possibilities: Earning a BA in English with Honors opens up a variety of career options for you and prepares you for employment in a variety of fields. Individuals holding this degree can find employment in publishing, advertising, and journalism.

BA English Honours Eligibility

To get admission to the BA English Honours you should first check out the eligibility criteria then it will be better to go for it.

  • First, you should have to complete 10 +2 from a recognized Board like ICSE, CBSE board or any other equivalent state board or any board equivalent to that.
  • Also, every candidate must receive at least a 50% grade in the 12th-grade boards.
  • There is a 5% mark reduction for candidates in the reserved category.
  • Also, aspirants should have English as their required 10+2 subject.

BA English Honours: Admission procedure in 2023

Students who want to enrol in BA English honours programmes at any of the top universities and prestigious colleges in the nation must take and pass the CUET. The CUET 2023 will have more than 100 participating universities, and CUET scores will be the exclusive consideration for granting UG admission. Students who want to attend prestigious universities and colleges like Hansraj, Ramjas, St. Stephen, Miranda, LSR, BHU, and Allahabad University must perform well on the CUET and in their school exams. To stay informed about any CUET updates, students are encouraged to frequently visit our official website or the CUET website.

CUET form:

Keep up with CUET’s official announcements, and fill out the form once it becomes available. Don’t miss out by paying close attention to the registration start and end dates. Read the information bulletin in detail, then fill out the form according to the instructions. Keep all required documentation on hand before completing the CUET application. Verify the minimum upload size for the documents, then arrange them as necessary. Several options will be available in the part where you must choose your preferred university and programme. Thus, be careful when choosing your universities and courses.

Once the form has been completed, thoroughly review it for errors. Make the payment and then submit the form. Take a printout of the application form and payment receipt after the process is complete so you have them for future use as references. To fill CUET form Go here

Every UG applicant must apply and pass the CUET. CUET scores alone will be used to determine UG admissions at all participating universities. The rivalry is going to be fierce because the exam is so centralised. Students who want to enrol in their selected subject at a prestigious institution or university must do very well to stand a chance.

To adequately prepare for the CUET, aspirants are recommended to engage in certain preparation or coaching programmes. An organised mentoring programme will be of great assistance to you as you step up your training and face the fierce competition. Also, it will help the kids prepare more effectively, feel confident, and perform well on the test. It is the only way you can enrol in the esteemed school or college of your choice. Careful preparation, tenacity, and goal-focused effort are necessary to succeed in the CUET.

Cut-off List by Universities

Universities around the country will look at the students’ typical test scores when the CUET results are announced. Following that, each university will release its customised cut-off lists. To fill the seats, several universities and colleges are predicted to issue a variety of cut-off lists based on their specific admissions capacities. Students are encouraged to frequently visit the websites of the colleges they have chosen to never miss a cut-off update. Students with scores that meet the cutoff must show the original CUET scorecard and any other necessary supporting papers to claim their designated seat.

BA English Honours: Types

Applicants might choose to enrol in the course either full- or part-time. Detailing the several BA English Literature course types are provided below:

BA English Honours, full-time
Students can interact closely with teachers and classmates during the two-year, full-time BA English Honors programme, which increases their exposure to new concepts, knowledge, and experiences.

BA English Honours, Part-Time
A part-time BA English Honors programme is available. In this field, practical experience is more valuable than academic understanding. The ability to work while attending class is a perk of a part-time BA in English literature.

Distance BA English Honours
The greatest option for pursuing a BA English Hons after receiving a bachelor’s degree but lacking the time to attend regular classes is distance learning. Depending on the candidate’s schedule, the completion period is between two and three years.

Top colleges for BA English Honours

List of Top Colleges for BA English Honours all over the country. Check out some of them below.

Hans Raj College – Delhi
Hindu College – Delhi
Kumaraguru College Liberal Arts and Science- Coimbatore
Magadh Mahila College- Patna
Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology- Bhubaneswar
Dav College- Chandigarh
Jaipur National University- Jaipur
University of Lucknow – Lucknow
Sivanath Sastri College- Kolkata
Lingaya’s University- Faridabad


List of Top Colleges for BA English Honours in Delhi. Check out some of them below.

Maharaja Agrasen College, New Delhi
Sri Venkateswara College, New Delhi
JMC, New Delhi
Hansraj College
Miranda House
Lady Shri Ram College for Women
Hindu College
Ramjas College
Gargi College, New Delhi
Delhi College of Arts and Commerce

BA English Honours subjects

BA English Subjects

Here is the list of the BA English Subjects. You will learn all these subjects during this course. It may vary from university to university. 

English Literature 1(i)
English Literature 1(ii)
English Literature 2(i)
English Literature 2(ii)
English Literature 3(i)
English Literature 3(ii)
English Literature 4(i)
English Literature 4(ii)
English Literature 5(i)
English Literature 5(ii)
Twentieth-Century Indian Writing(i)
Twentieth-Century Indian Writing(ii)
Concurrent – Qualifying Language
Concurrent – Credit Language
Nineteenth Century European Realism(i)/Classical Literature(i)/Forms of Popular Fiction(i) 
Nineteenth Century European Realism(ii)/Classical Literature(ii)/Forms of Popular Fiction(ii) 
Concurrent – Interdisciplinary
Concurrent – Discipline-Centred I
Concurrent – Discipline-Centred II
Contemporary Literature I
Contemporary Literature II
Anglo-American Writing since 1930(i)/ Literary Theory(i)/ Women’s writing  of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries(i)/ Modern European Drama(i)
Anglo-American Writing since 1930(ii)/ Literary Theory(ii)/ Women’s writing  of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries(ii)/ Modern European Drama(ii)

BA English Subjects DU

Here is the list of the BA English Subjects at DU.

Indian Classical LiteratureIndian Writing in English
American LiteratureBritish Poetry and Drama (17th and 18th Centuries)
British Romantic LiteratureWomen’s Writing
Modern European DramaEuropean Classical Literature
British Poetry and Drama (From 14th to 17th centuries)Popular Literature
British Literature (18th Century)British Literature (19th century)
British Literature (Early 20th Century)Postcolonial Literatures

BA English Subjects: IGNOU

Here is the list of the BA English Subjects.

Rethinking DevelopmentIndian Society: Image and Realities
Tourism AnthropologyEnvironmental studies
Understanding PoetryUnderstanding Prose
Modern European DramaWomen’s Writing
British Romantic LiteratureBritish Poetry and Drama (17th and 18th centuries)
American LiteratureIndian Writing in English
India Classical LiteratureEuropean Classical Literature
British Poetry and Drama (14th and 17th centuries)Popular Literature
British Literature 18th CenturyBritish Literature 19th Century
British Literature: The Early 20th CenturyPostcolonial Literatures
Understanding DramaUnderstanding the Novel
English Communication SkillsManaging Stress
Gender StudiesPsychology and Media

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BA English Honours Fee Structure in 2023

The college administration determines the total fees of the BA English Honours programme. Depending on the programme, each school has a different fee structure. Each college seems to have its own set of fees, which are set by the school’s administration. Tuition at private universities could be greater than at state-run institutions. Depending on the institution, BA (Hons) English tuition might range between ₹ 10,000 to ₹ 1,50,000.

Bachelor of Arts in English Suitability

BA English course is suitable for those aspirants who want to get immense knowledge of the English language and Literature and have the desire to popularise this language. This course is also suitable for those aspirants who want to do a Master in English BA English will help them to do that. 

After completing BA English you will have several options. You can pursue a Master’s course. Apart from these, you can also choose to pursue a job after completing your BA in English.

Advantages of studying BA English Honours

The main advantage of finishing an English Honours degree is that you will learn to respect and recognise authors and their works. In addition to teaching you about literature, the English Honors course pushes you to evaluate it, which leads to eventual dissent and changes in your personality. Students participating in the BA English (Hons) programme will gain a thorough understanding of English that may be applied to a variety of fields, including mass communication, publishing, creative writing, and public relations.

BA English jobs in 2023

Here is the list of BA English jobs:

Many Indian companies hire students with a BA English Honours. According to the kind of work they do and the kinds of positions they can get, BA English Honours graduates are divided into different categories. Following are some career options for BA (Hons) English programme graduates:

Copywriter: A copywriter writes convincing content for websites, blogs, product descriptions, email blasts, banner ads, newsletters, and white papers to advertise products, educate readers, and stimulate their interest. The copywriter creates scripts or marketing materials using the client’s information as a base.

Technical Writer: A technical writer is a copywriter who focuses on software or specialised products and services. This is a synthesis of technical writing and copywriting, with a stronger emphasis on copywriting but with specific criteria for commercialising technically oriented goods.

Journalist: Someone who informs the public of current international happenings is a journalist. The work of a journalist is exhilarating, but it also carries a great deal of responsibility. A journalist gathers information, does research, and then writes a news story. This information can be distributed via the Internet, radio, television, newspapers, journals, and other media. Information from journalists should be presented logically and consistently.

Publisher: A publisher is in charge of overseeing every step of the publication process, from idea to final product, for a book, newspaper, or magazine. To create and oversee the creation of content, editors, designers, authors, and freelance writers collaborate with publishers.

Teacher: A teacher is a qualified professional who imparts knowledge to students through scholarly investigation. With the aid of teachers, students follow a set curriculum that covers a range of topics and activities. A teacher has a tremendous impact on shaping the future of a country by providing moral guidance and good education throughout the formative years.

Content writer: Writers of content typically create content for websites. This form of content includes but is not limited to, marketing materials, e-books, blogs, and text for visuals. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and content management systems are tools used by content creators. Many websites, including blogs, social networking platforms, and e-commerce websites, rely on the content that content writers produce.

Lecturer: A lecturer is a person that a university or other higher education institution hires to offer lectures and tutorials to students. He or she provides lectures to pupils on those subjects since they are knowledgeable in one or more areas. Doing research and writing for scholarly journals are the duties of a lecturer.

Public Relations Specialist: Individuals in the field of public relations are responsible for increasing the reputation and brand of a company. The public affairs specialist collaborates with media organisations through effective communication to raise positive public awareness of the business. A public relations specialist may work in several industries.

After BA English which course is better

After Completion of a BA English Honours, you will have several options as you can get a job. Apart from this, you can go for further study. If you want to get an immense knowledge of English and Literature then you should Choose MA English it will let you get all the details of this Language. And if you want to make your Career in the Teaching field then you should go for B.ed. M.Phill. English and PhD. English is also a good option.

BA English Honours salary

After BA English Honours, you can earn a starting salary of about INR 2 to 6 Lacs per year. Starting salary depends on various factors like the employer, job location and job profile. The pay will increase as your experience increases in this field. 

So this is the end of this post, here we have discussed Ba English honours and its details like syllabus, subjects, jobs and many other things. If you still have any query please write us.

FAQ on BA English Honours

Question 1. What is a BA English Honours degree? Answer. A three-year undergraduate programme called BA English Honours focuses on the study of English literature, language, its history, and phonetics through novels, plays, epics, and poetry produced by renowned English authors from both the past and the present.

Question 2. Is BA English Honours tough? Answer. The main difference between the BA Programme and the BA Honours programme is that the BA Honours programme allows you to specialise in a single subject over three years, whereas a BA programme requires you to take at least five subjects.

Question 3. What is the salary after a BA English Honours? Answer. The private sector offers a wide range of jobs for post-graduates with a BA Hon English degree. Students can pursue higher education after continuing to study and developing their skills even more. BA English Hoours often earn between INR 4 and 8 LPA as starting income.

Question 4. Is BA English in demand? Answer. There is always a need for BA English courses. It gives students access to a wide range of lucrative employment opportunities, including journalism, content writing, law, etc.

Question 5. How much percentage is required for BA English Honours? Answer. A minimum of 45% on the 10+2 from an accredited board is necessary for entrance to the BA English honours programme.

Question 6. What is the career after BA English Honours? Answer. Journalism, digital marketing, advertising, public relations, and law are some of the most popular disciplines available following BA English Honours.

Question 7. What course alternatives do I have after a BA? Answer. Students either pursue an MA in the same subject or switch to other programmes like law, journalism, digital marketing, or MBA.

Question 8. How many subjects are there in English Honours? Answer. Students must take 4 required subjects and 2 electives for the BA English honours curriculum. Students can pick from any of the six subjects for the overall BA English programme, though.

Question 9. Is maths compulsory for BA English Honours? Answer. No, maths is not compulsory for BA English Honours.

Question 10. Can I get a job in a bank after my BA? Answer. There is no restriction on the academic field from which one graduates for eligibility for banking tests, thus it doesn’t matter if you have a BA, BSc, or any other degree; all you need is a bachelor’s degree in any academic field.

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